Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 2 Recap

(for Daddy)

1. Went out several nights in a row. Had a picnic at night by the Seine and was bored. Went to a Fireman's Ball and was bored.

2. Went to the Bastille Day military parade and was soaked. All I saw were planes. Had dinner at a very cute cafe. Went to the fireworks show at the Eiffel Tower and was amazed.

3. Went to Les Galeries Lafayettes and was blown away by this gorgeous, huge huge HUGE shopping establishment, full of designer clothing, accessories, home goods and more.

4. Did not go on bike tour for fear of rain.

5. Went to London. Was confused by English accents. Saw basically almost all of the important places in a very short time span. Met up with two old friends. Ate non-English food. Slept on the Eurostar. Got mistaken for a French native. Didn't really see the Changing of the Guard. Took lots and lots of pictures.

6. Went to a cute little sleepy French touristy town named Chartres, famous for its beautiful cathedral. Saw some really adorable sights. Was blown away by the scenery as well as every single church (how many do you need for a small town?). The main attraction, the Notre Dame de Chartres: the most beautiful and the largest church I have ever seen. More on that to come tomorrow.

Disgusting gourmet marshmallow update: had my third on Saturday. Tasted like toothpaste and chalk. Had another one last night (yes, I am hopeful): tasted like nothing, a vast improvement from tasting like crap.

Until tomorrow!

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