Sunday, July 11, 2010

Il y a plus en haut? pt. 2

Today was a crazy day but first I have to finish talking about yesterday.

After visiting Ste. Chappelle, Joy and I walked over to La Conciergerie which is basically connected. Like I said, the two, along with some other awesome buildings, make up the ancient courthouse/prison thing. Yes, I'm not explaining very well but it's really irrelevant. The Conciergerie also used to house armed soldiers/guards/policemen. Thousands of them. Its beautifully preserved and was very nicely constructed. The King also sometimes met there with parliament. We saw reconstructed prison cells, the women's court, the expiatory church, and the floor of the cell of Marie Antoinette. Also, a window with her seal. And two plaques commemorating her and her husband, Louis ...something. Anyway, some pictures:

Marie Antoinette's reconstructed cell:

The last words of Maximilien Robespierre, revolutionary:
Okay, on to the Notre Dame.

After a quick break so Lucille (from the foyer) could do a room inspection, Joy and I went out again. Saw a huge line at Notre Dame so we decided to grab some delicious delicious crepes, super cheap, by the side of the street and eat them by the Seine on the keys. Beautiful scenery. So many people. Very nice experience.

All the boats with the tourists passing by..beautiful. Very nice place to be, Paris in the summertime.

Notre Dame: tomorrow. Pritha is again very, very tired. Also: Chateau de Versailles and VIVA ESPANA!!!!


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  1. Oh my God, you are giving me goosebumps, Marie Antoinette's husband was Louis the 16th(XVI),I read that all in History, I read all about them and the time when they were rulling France, she used to spend a lot like your friend Rebecca, it was bad time in France, fall of the Bastille, unfortunately she was not a very popular queen, both of them were executed, Marie Antoinette was executed by the guillotine..............