Monday, July 12, 2010

Recap of my first week

(for Daddy)

1. found the equivalent of Target: the Monoprix

2. met my employer, found my office, and was introduced to my very tedious, very laid-back job

3. went to a local bar with a Princeton grad, watched the World Cup in style

4. bought a few cheap french pastries. found a famous used/new English-language bookstore called Shakespeare & Co. bought a book.

5. went shopping. bought a very expensive leather designer handbag. saw the actual Sorbonne (I work at on off-campus site)

6. visited Le Pantheon, Ste. Chappelle, La Conciergerie

7. ate crepes by the Seine

8. climbed the steps of the Notre Dame

9. went to Versailles. walked through the Chateau. Biked through Marie Antoinette's domain. Saw lots and lots of fountains.

10. went to Trocadero with hundreds of ESPANA fans. Saw the World Cup final in even more style, surrounded by French Spain fans and Spanish Frenchmen.

Daddy, asking me to sum up my life in Paris in a few bullet points is simple cruelty. Also: details and pictures of points 8/9/10 to come.

1 comment:

  1. I have watched a complete soccer game now.
    It wasn't very exciting :(
    Sigh. Soccer just isn't my thing.