Saturday, July 10, 2010

Il y a plus en haut?

So, today was a good day.

I met up with a fellow Princetonian, named Joy, also living at the foyer, in the morning around 1030. We trekked up to the Pantheon, about a fifteen minute walk but we wandered a bit so it took a bit longer. On the upside: the wandering took us through the Rue Mouffetard farmer's market and it was magnificent. We didn't get a chance to stop because our day was packed but there was everything you could want there. Beautiful.

Finally found the Pantheon, which is surrounded by two other quite large, very beautiful and old buildings. I think one of them is a school and the other is a government building but I'm not sure. In any case, the Pantheon is huge, has a beautiful dome and is covered on the inside with gigantic tableaux. It also houses the tombs of some very famous French writers, philosophers, thinkers, the like. Saw Marie Curie, Rousseau, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, etc. Beautiful tombs:
(I'm the small thing in yellow/white)

I have a ton more pictures but they will have to wait for a Picasa album or a Facebook album. To be created soon. But, on with the day.

Next stop: Ste. Chappelle, a famous cathedral that houses concerts and is currently under renovation for the stained glass windows. So, unfortunately, we didn't see it in all its glory but it was still beautiful. It's actually a part of the major courthouse/tribunal/Palais du Justice in Paris. It was ordered to be built by Saint Louis to house some piece of the passion of the Christ...not sure what that means. Whatever. It's gorgeous anyway:
Well, there was a lot more to my day, but now I'm tired and must go lie down. My feet hurt like hell (which I will explain tomorrow) and it's finally a bearable climate in my room. Also: no comments, no posts. Comment!

Peace out home slices.


  1. That shirt is so sexy. Actually, I saw it at Forever 21 the other day too, and was reminded of you. Paris is beautiful :)

  2. very nice, you did not visit Eiffel tower yet right? It looks like Paris is treating you good, is it pretty hot in the morning and night as well?