Friday, July 9, 2010

Le Diable S'habille en Prada

Apparently that ^ is how The Devil Wears Prada, which I watched with my roommate in French last night, translates in French. Very amusing. The characters speak quickly as it is, and the French dubbing in the movie is so fast. Very difficult to understand at times, but good practice.
Also good practice? Going into every store and pretending I don't speak English. Spent over an hour in the cutest, most eclectic used/new bookstore in Paris (Shakespeare & Co.) last night and pretended not to speak English when I got to the counter. The cashier spoke both but couldn't understand me and got frustrated and just started ignoring me. I still got my book. (Three Cups of Tea--remember, Mommy?)
I took a nap after work because I was tired as could be, while waiting for my roommate so we could go get dinner. She found me sleeping and decided to let me sleep and, when I woke, I decided I wasn't hungry and would prefer to take a walk. I know it's been hot in New York and all, but it is also quite quite hot here. Rebecca keeps getting sick from the heat because she's so used to air conditioning. Which , of course, there is none of in the foyer. In any case, I wasn't hungry before my walk, but stopped by "MyBerry" (the French version of pinkberry?) and got a really tasty non-fat plain frozen yogurt with some raspberries, brownies, and coconut shavings. So good. Taking a walk along the Seine while eating yogurt and watching the sun slowly set: perfect.
Today is pretty exciting. Going to la Bibliotheque Nationale for work and then going on a Paris Night Bike Tour for four hours. Should be wonderful. I'll definitely have things to say then.
A bientot!


  1. Yay movies! Actually, I watched Munich yesterday. Was super bored for the first half, but it picked up really fast and I ended up thinking about it for like the next 4 hours. Why is Spielberg so amazing (with the exception of Indiana Jones, in my opinion, but everyone makes mistakes).

    Yesterday was kind of a fail day otherwise though. Me and Rohan planned to go to Hurricane Harbor, but then the weather was crappy so we basically got there, turned around, and went home. Yay for random one hour road trip.

    Moved into my apartment. I swear, I am so close to sending a very, very, angry e-mail to this guy. His place is really gross. The bathroom floor is sticky and there's hair and crap all over the place, bugs run around, there was a dead moth on his sink...he's a grad student but he honestly lives like a middle schooler left alone at home for the first time. Will somehow clean it up, but for the weekend, I get to come home and be sane.

    Procrastinating majorly with work. I feel really bad, I just keep putting off everything that's boring.

    I feel like you're posts are all very exciting and my posts are full of complaining about my life. I will try to stop doing that from now on. Good thing people are here to read about your life and not mine. <3

  2. You should watch more French movies just for practice. At what time the bike tour starts? Try to come back before it is dark. Did you visit Eiffel tower yet, oh ya you went with Akash uncle right, why no picture of that yet? Please write in detail of your bike tour.

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