Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick Update about French Life

So tonight I will update about my wonderful, fabulous, exciting weekend in London/Chartres (and also post a recap of my last week for Daddy) but right now, I thought I'd talk a little a bit about some interesting tidbits about Parisian life...

  1. Clothing must be below the knee.
  2. Your groceries will not be bagged for you. Bag them yourself.
  3. The Parisian metro is the most convenient transportation system ever.
  4. Sun rises at 6. Sets at 10. (What the hell????)
  5. Every five steps you take is another place to eat.
  6. Coffee after lunch. COFFEE RIGHT AFTER LUNCH. Practically mandatory.
  7. Do not buy the artisan marshmallows. DO NOT.
  8. French pastries: bread with chocolate and other tasty goods.
  9. French meringue: basically cream.
  10. French baguettes: the best thing you will ever get for 43 cents.
  11. French boutiques: no. Robbery.
  12. American chains in France: no. Heart attack.
  13. French coffee: small cups. No milk/cream. Lots and lots of sugar.
  14. French breakfast: bread and jam, bread and jam. Bread and Nutella if you're lucky.
  15. French snack food is gourmet snack food.
  16. Parisian bathrooms are in no way high-end.
  17. Don't try to drive through the streets of Paris. Definitely don't try to park on the streets of Paris.
  18. Paris at 6am? Alive. Paris at 11pm? Jumping.
  19. French people hate working. Most stores are not open on Sunday. Many (if not all) stores have specific days during which they are open (like the bakery down the street from me, which is only open Thursday-Sunday. sigh.) Lunch breaks are (legit) two hours long.
Pastry update: Had a petit pain choco pistache this morning for .50 Euros. So so good.

That's all for now. Expect a long, long post later tonight! Also, check your emails. All my photos are now online!


  1. I've been meaning to ask - why are American chains in France heart attack?

  2. Also, the bakery only opens for half the week? Two hour lunch breaks? What a wonderful life French people have...