Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bonjour Paris!

Yeah that's right. <--- That's where I am. And it's pretty. frickin. fabulous. Paris is beautiful. I walked off the airplane into CDG and thought I would die of happiness. It's magnificent. And I've only seen very little of it so far. These buildings are old and austere and gorgeous and the river and the bridges...just breathtaking. There's so much life on the streets, the sidewalks are filled with little boutiques and eateries and shops of every kind. I can't wait to explore tomorrow. Tonight was the usual, deer-in-headlights, what am I doing?, where am I going?, kind of day. But I've figured a lot out thus far and I look forward to continuing to figure out my life here throughout the week. A taste of my day:

Things I Forgot To Pack
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • shower flip flops
  • alarm clock
  • iron
  • fan
Some of these I didn't have space for. But they would help. It's hot in Paris. No idea why I decided to bring any sweaters or pants. Probably won't need them.

Also: Don't know how to call a taxi. Major fail. I blame Harsh, for not teaching me the ways of the city. You're a bad friend.
And: Twilight is coming out here on the 7th. The translation for Eclipse? Hesitation. LOL!

Until tomorrow, my loyal readers! ( there anyone out there? Bueller..?)


  1. Write more, why did you stop writing blog?

  2. we all are waiting to read more

  3. HI WIFE
    glad you're having fun :)